Q: Can the Plan include co-ordination of village events?
A: No, a Neighbourhood Plan can only be about land use and policies covering development which themselves require planning permission

Q: Can the Horticultural Show be rotated round the three villages each year?
A: This isn't a part of the Planning process. Speak to the organisers of the Horticultural Show

Q: Can we have better footpaths between the villages?
A: Issues raised by residents are taken into consideration when drafting the land use policies that will be consulted on before being included in the Neighbourhood Plan

Q: How do I make my opinions count?
A: Every household in the Parish has the opportunity to answer the consultation surveys

Q: What were the results of the surveys?
A: You can read the survey reports in the Consultation section of this website

Q: How do I join the Facebook Group?
A: Click here to ask to join 

Q: What if I don’t agree with the Plan that is produced?
A: There will be a referendum at the end of the planning process and everyone will be able to vote on whether or not they agree with it

Q: Who is on the Steering Group?
A: Steering Group members are listed here